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Facts about Roulette that Every Gambler Should Know

Facts about Roulette that Every Gambler Should Know

Roulette is one of the famous types of gambling game. As a matter of fact, you can find this game at any gambling house worldwide. Additionally, millions of people are considered avid players of Roulette based on a study. Have you ever tried playing this popular casino game? If you have no idea about this game, therefore, here are some interesting facts about Roulette that every gambler should know. Be sure to read this one in order for you to become familiar with Roulette casino game.

Facts about Roulette that Every Gambler Should Know

Facts about Roulette that Every Gambler Should Know
Facts about Roulette that Every Gambler Should Know

How this game works

In Roulette casino game, all players can choose to place their bets on either various group or just a single number, Black or Red colors, Even or Odd numbers. Additionally, players can also place their bets on low (1 – 18) or high (19 – 36) In order to know the winning combinations, the dealer, better known as “Croupier” will spin a wheel. Then, he/she will spin the ball in the opposite direction where the wheel spun. Eventually, the ball will lose its momentum. Then, the ball will pass through an area of deflectors and will eventually falls onto the wheel and one of 37 or 38 numbered and colored pockets on the Roulette wheel.

Two types of bets

Roulette has types of betting options. Those two are called “Inside Bets” and “Outside Bets”. Inside bets includes Basket, Trio, Six Line or Double Street, First Four, Corner or Square, Straight or Single, Street, and Split. Furthermore, outside bets includes Snake, Column, Dozen, Even or Odd or Impair ou Pair, Black or Red or Noir ou Rouge, and Low or High or Manque or Passe.

Called Bets

Called Bets or “Announced Bets” are bets called by a particular player without him/her placing any amount on the table to cover the bet cost. Furthermore, called bets are famous in many casinos. However, some gambling houses especially in Asia does not offer these type of Roulette bets.

Roulette betting strategies

Since the invention of Roulette, lots of people have tried to beat this game. And because of that, different betting strategies were also invented. The known betting strategies in Roulette are Labouchere System, and D’Alembert System. Moreover, Martingale Betting Strategy and Prediction Methods, were also invented

Other Stunning Roulette Facts

The Devil’s Game

Roulette is also known as “The Devil’s Game”. Why? It is because the sum of the all the numbers on the wheel is 666 which many believes is the number of the beast.

Ashley “Blue Square” Revell

Revell is an English gambler born in Maidstone, Kent. This man became well-known because he sold all of his possessions in 2004 just to bet on a single spin of a Roulette wheel in Las Vegas. Furthermore, his bet back then was $135,300. It became $270,600 after the ball ended up on 7 Red.

So, there you have it Roulette fans! These are the facts about Roulette that every gambler should know. After reading this article, you are now ready to play Roulette casino game! Therefore, go to the nearest casino gambling house or find a reliable online casino and play this game.